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Biodiversity study guide 1. Briefly describe how our species started to appreciate the biodiversity of the planet (in a geographical and historical context)? Through the concept of evolution, ecology, population, community and the environment. Species through different periods evolve physiologically and adapting to new environments. Animals who can’t live or survive in certain regions either migrate or die. Common ancestors often link to present day organisms showing biologically and different aspects of adaptations. 2. Early naturalists tended to gather biodiversity information in a slightly different manner compared to modern biologists. Explain. Back in the day naturalists didn’t have advanced technological equipment and not†¦show more content†¦Bees would collect food resources from the plant and in return the reproduction of the plants) 6. How did Carl von Linne (Linneaus) contribute to the field of biology? He is the father of taxonomy. 7. What are the different taxonomic levels (in order from the largest to the smallest taxon)? Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species 8. What is the purpose of taxonomy? How is it used in biology? [see Taxonomy] The purpose of taxonomy is to describe and classify the different types of organisms that roam the continents into groups Genus and species. In biology it’s used to classify organism using latin names and to narrow down 1 organism from Kingdom to species. 9. How many species have been described (i.e. the total number of species named and categorized)? [Study the images below] ~ 1.8 million species have been classified. 10. Which is the most dominating taxon within the animal kingdom in terms of species diversity (making up approximately 25% of all known species)? [clue: which insect order?]. Phylum: Arthropoda, Order: Coleoptera 11. The phylum Arthropoda [meaning joint-footed] is the largest described taxon on the planet in terms of species diversity. The phylum includes all types of insects, crustaceans, spiders, millipedes and centipedes. What is percentage of the phylum Arthropoda of all known animal species? 80% 12. Study the diagram of all known organisms below. What percentage is made up of animal species?Show MoreRelatedEssay on The Importance of Heritage in Everyday Use829 Words   |  4 PagesAnswers. ENotes - Literature Study Guides, Lesson Plans, and More. Web. 14 Apr. 2011. SparkNotes: Everyday Use: Analysis of Major Characters. SparkNotes: Todays Most Popular Study Guides. Web. 14 Apr. 2011. SparkNotes: Everyday Use: Themes, Motifs, and Symbols. SparkNotes: Todays Most Popular Study Guides. Web. 14 Apr. 2011. http://wwwRead MoreTuck Everlasting1373 Words   |  6 PagesMaterials Needed 1) Novel 2) Vocabulary journals 3) Writing journals 4) Paper 5) Pencil 6) Study guide questions 7) Dictionaries Day one: Monday-Prologue-chapter 5 *Start the lesson with asking the students to write a pro and con list about living forever? Would they want to live forever why or why not? * Have students fill out the anticipatory guide activity *give students the list of vocabulary words from prologue to chapter 5 *Before the students look up theRead MoreStudy Guide1489 Words   |  6 PagesEN1320 Composition I SYLLABUS AND STUDY GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS SYLLABUS.......................................................................................................................................................................1 Course Summary........................................................................................................................................................2 Learning Materials and References ..............................................Read MoreStudy Guide760 Words   |  4 PagesStudy guide for Microbiology Chapter 2 Name________________ 1. List and describe the sequence steps routinely used to identify bacteria. These are referred to as the â€Å"five I’s† in your text. 2. Define / describe each of the following as they apply to microbiology: a. Culture f. pure culture b. Inoculum g. contaminated culture c. Inoculation h. mixed culture d. Colony 3. Microbiologists employee a number of approached to acquiring a pure cultureRead MoreStudy Guide2675 Words   |  11 PagesLAW/421 Final Examination Study Guide This study guide will prepare you for the Final Examination you will complete in Week Five. It contains practice questions, which are related to each week’s objectives. In addition, refer to each week’s readings and your student guide as study references for the Final Examination. Week One: Introduction to Law Objective: Define the functions of law in society. 1. Precedent evolves from a. state and federal constitutions b. state and federalRead MoreStudy Guide2309 Words   |  10 PagesMGT 443 FIRST EXAM STUDY GUIDE Chapter 1 QUIZ 1) Which of the following is NOT one of the processes included in operations management? o Finance 2) Structural operations management decisions include: o Capacity, facilities, and technology 3) Physical goods can be differentiated from services in the operations management process by: o Longer lead times and they can be inventoried 4) Which of the following functions would not have to think about â€Å"processes†Read MoreStudy Guide1605 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Answer Key Top of Form Question 1 (Worth 5 points) Which of the following was evidence to support Vanzettis innocence during the Braintree robbery and double murder trial? No witness claimed to see Vanzetti during the shooting. Witnesses placed Vanzetti elsewhere during the crime. Vanzetti feared for his safety and that of his friends. Vanzettis gun had not been used in the shooting. Points earned on this question: 5 Question 2 (Worth 5 points) What was the significance ofRead MoreStudy Guide2481 Words   |  10 Pages MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which action demonstrates that the nurse understands the purpose of the Rapid Response Team? a. Monitoring the client for changes in postoperative status such as wound infection b. Documenting all changes observed in the client and maintaining a postoperative flow sheet c. Notifying the physician of the client’s change in blood pressure from 140 to 88 mm Hg systolic d. Notifying the physician of the client’s increase in restlessness after medication change ANS: C The RapidRead MoreStudy Guide7621 Words   |  31 Pagesorganizations within the modern and fast†paced business environment (Caldwell, Chatman, OReilly,1990). Human Resources specialists are more important in business strategies today where market is dynamic and changeable. 1.1. Objectives of the study To analyze HRM technique and methods To analyze how employees help a company in differentiating itself from its competitors To analyze how companies attract the best -knowledge workers and retain employees in a competitive environment To analyzeRead MoreStudy Guide2169 Words   |  9 Pages1. The form of organization for a business is not an important issue, as this decision has very little effect on the income and wealth of the firm s owners. B. False 2. The major advantage of a regular partnership or a corporation as a form of business organization is the fact that both offer their owners limited liability, whereas proprietorships do not. B. False 3. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? A) One of the disadvantages of incorporating a business is that the owners then

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Rousseau s The Social Contract - 1588 Words

The following texts, Rousseau s The Social Contract, Marx’s Private Property and Communism, Estranged Labor and Money, all differentiate between a general will, and a more personal, individual will. However, Rousseau’s and Marx’s theories of a general will, or collective being have discrepancies in both the origin and implications of general will and individual will. Rousseau defines general will as a collective desire to advance society towards a common goal. However, Rousseau warns that ignoring the general will and pursuing one’s own selfish personal will is dangerous not only for an individual, but can also ultimately lead to the destruction of the body politic. Marx also discusses a concept similar to Rousseau’s general will, however†¦show more content†¦Additionally, Rousseau believes that self-interests are often detrimental to the common good, stating that â€Å"each individual, as a man, may have a particular will contrary or diss imilar to the general will which he has as a citizen. His particular interest may speak to him quite differently from the common interest: his absolute and naturally independent existence may make him look upon what he owes to the common cause as a gratuitous contribution... The continuance of such an injustice could not but prove the undoing of the body politic. (Rousseau, 194-195). It is evident that Rousseau is aware of humankind’s selfish desires stemming from a personal will, and he believes that if individuals begin to ignore the common will and instead act upon their personal desires and will, that it will often lead to pandemonium. This chaos is likely to destroy any Republic, as conflicting and selfish ideals will cause individuals to lose sight of the general will, leading to the collapse of a coexisting society. Rousseau, however, does not address how individual will originates, a point that Marx discusses in length in his Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts. The epitome of the detrimental effects caused by one acting purely on personal will can be seen in the film, American Beauty. In this film, Lester Burnham can be seen acting upon his personal will and ignoring the collective good in hisShow MoreRelatedThe Rousseau s Thesis And Social Contract1548 Words   |  7 PagesTo better understand Rousseau’s thesis and social contract he proposed, we must first understand why Rousseau felt compelled to write and his main criticism of society during the 18th century. In sum, Rousseau argued that states (specifically France, though never explicitly stated) have not protected man’s right to freedom or equality. Rousseau began The Social Contract in dramatic fashion. He wrote, â€Å"man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains† (1). This quote is still used today, and isRead MoreAn Analysis Of Rousseau s On The Social Contract 898 Words   |  4 PagesFinding Meaning in Rousseau In â€Å"On the Social Contract,† Jean-Jacques Rousseau famously declares, â€Å"Man was/is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.† In this essay, I will attempt to explain this famous quote of Rousseau’s. Moreover, through a careful exposition of â€Å"On the Social Contract,† I intend to explain Rousseau’s proposed solution to the conundrum of freedom in society. The preliminary investigation into Rousseau originates with an account of his assertion that, â€Å"Man was/is bornRead MoreJean Jacque Rousseau s Theory Of A Social Contract881 Words   |  4 Pages Jean Jacque Rousseau was one of the most controversial philosophers from 1712-1778. The first to speak explicitly of human rights. He was a Swiss philosopher who was influenced by the French revolution. He believed that people basically everyone is good but it s society that corrupts them to do wrong. Each philosopher had their own ideal world, and his was to have people make laws and obey them. However, Rousseau has a different opinion on the theory of a social contract but also did help developRead MoreLocke And Rousseau s Theory Of A Social Contract1206 Words   |  5 PagesJacques Rousseau are often associated with modern liberal ideas such as equality for all citizens, freedom and liberty, etc†¦ However, Locke and Rousseau present far more nuanced arguments in their works a nd although they share views on some aspects they ultimately have a different political philosophy. Locke and Rousseau have clearly distinct social contract theories, interpretations of man and the state of nature. In his work, Discourse on Inequality, establishes the idea of a fraudulent social contractRead MoreMontesquieu s Spirit Of Laws And Jean Jacques Rousseau s On The Social Contract1620 Words   |  7 Pagesgovernment or the people who permit the government to exist? This is the main point of contention between Baron de Montesquieu s Spirit of Laws and Jean-Jacques Rousseau s On the Social Contract. Interestingly, their interpretation of different forms of government converge on the sovereignty of a democracy, but that is where most of their common ground lies. While Rousseau shares similarities on the sovereign authority of a democracy with Montesquieu, he departs by arguing how regardless of governmentRead MoreThe Social Contract ( P153-224 ) Essay1275 Words   |  6 Pa gesThe normative social contract, which is the second part of Rousseau s social contract in The Social Contract (p153-224), is meant to act as a response to the problem to which the social contract is supposed to be the viable solution. According to him the ill-favoured state of circumstances that exist in the contemporary societies are laid out in his account of the moral and political progression of human beings from the peaceful and utopian time of the state of nature where there was equality amongstRead MoreJacques And The Social Contract Theory1287 Words   |  6 Pagesliberties. (Rousseau lecture1) Moreover Rousseau paid great attention to nature and human feelings. He claimed that humans are naturally independent and held a belief that ‘’man is born free and everywhere he is in chains’’ (Rousseau, 2012, pg. 12 ) arguing that people in the state of nature were fundamentally good and pure but became corrupt and evil through the institution of civili sed society (lecture). On the contrary, Rousseau remains to be a huge supporter of the social contract theory, whichRead MoreRousseau, Mill, And Constant Articulated By Unpacking Essay1663 Words   |  7 Pagesdistinctively different. Rousseau, Mill, and Constant exhibit a very different view of the modernizing society. This paper seeks to point out the distinct visions of liberty that Rousseau, Mill, and Constant articulated by unpacking the central premises of each argument, pitting them against each other through comparing and contrasting. Rousseau’s Vision of Liberty Although, Rousseau distinguishes two specific types of liberty, natural liberty and civil liberty. Rousseau states, that naturalRead MoreRousseau, Mill, And Constant Articulated By Unpacking Essay1656 Words   |  7 Pagesdistinctively different. Rousseau, Mill, and Constant exhibit a very different view of the modernizing society. This paper seeks to flash out the distinct visions of liberty that Rousseau, Mill, and Constant articulated by unpacking the central premises of each argument, pitting them against each other through comparing and contrasting. Although, Rousseau distinguishes two specific types of liberty, natural liberty and civil liberty. Natural liberty, Rousseau states, is the freedomRead MoreJean Jacques Rousseau And The Declaration Of Independence Essay1459 Words   |  6 PagesJean-Jacques Rousseau was an Enlightenment thinker during the eighteenth century and is most noted for his work The Social Contract. The Social Contract published in 1762 and is a philosophical document that expresses the ideas of popular sovereignty. Popular Sovereignty is a form of government in which â€Å"the doctrine that sovereign power is vested in the people and that those chosen to govern, as trustees of such power, must exercise it in conformity with the general will.† This is basically a fancy

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The Twilight Saga 3 Eclipse Chapter 25. MIRROR Free Essays

I FORCED MYEYES – FROZEN WIDE OPEN WITH SHOCK – to move, so that I could not examine too closely the oval object wrapped in tendrils of shivering, fiery hair. Edward was in motion again. Swift and coolly businesslike, he dismembered the headless corpse. We will write a custom essay sample on The Twilight Saga 3: Eclipse Chapter 25. MIRROR or any similar topic only for you Order Now I could not go to him – I could not make my feet respond; they were bolted to the stone beneath them. But I scrutinized his every action minutely, looking for any evidence that he had been harmed. My heart slowed to a healthier rhythm when I found nothing. He was lithe and graceful as ever. I couldn’t even see a tear in his clothes. He did not look at me – where I stood frozen to the cliff wall, horrified – while he piled the quivering, twitching limbs and then covered them with dry pine needles. He still did not meet my shocked gaze as he darted into the forest after Seth. I didn’t have time to recover before both he and Seth were back, Edward with his arms full of Riley. Seth was carrying a large chunk – the torso – in his mouth. They added their burden to the pile, and Edward pulled a silver rectangle from his pocket. He flipped open the butane lighter and held the flame to the dry tinder. It caught at once; long tongues of orange fire licked rapidly across the pyre. â€Å"Get every piece,† Edward said in a low aside to Seth. Together, the vampire and the werewolf scoured the campsite, occasionally tossing small lumps of white stone into the blaze. Seth handled the pieces with his teeth. My brain wasn’t working well enough for me to understand why he didn’t change back to a form with hands. Edward kept his eyes on his work. And then they were done, and the raging fire was sending a pillar of choking purple toward the sky. The thick smoke curled up slowly, looking more solid than it should; it smelled like burning incense, and the scent was uncomfortable. It was heavy, too strong. Seth made that snickering sound again, deep in his chest. A smile flickered across Edward’s tense face. Edward stretched out his arm, his hand curled into a fist. Seth grinned, revealing the long row of dagger teeth, and bumped his nose against Edward’s hand. â€Å"Nice teamwork,† Edward murmured. Seth coughed a laugh. Then Edward took a deep breath, and turned slowly to face me. I did not understand his expression. His eyes were as wary as if I were another enemy – more than wary, they were afraid. Yet he’d shown no fear at all when he’d faced Victoria and Riley. . . . My mind was stuck, stunned and useless as my body. I stared at him, bewildered. â€Å"Bella, love,† he said in his softest tone, walking toward me with exaggerated slowness, his hands held up, palms forward. Dazed as I was, it reminded me oddly of a suspect approaching a policeman, showing that he wasn’t armed. . . . â€Å"Bella, can you drop the rock, please? Carefully. Don’t hurt yourself.† I’d forgotten all about my crude weapon, though I realized now that I was grasping it so hard that my knuckle was screaming in protest. Was it rebroken? Carlisle would put me in a cast for sure this time. Edward hesitated a few feet from me, his hands still in the air, his eyes still fearful. It took me a few long seconds to remember how to move my fingers. Then the rock clattered to the ground, while my hand stayed frozen in the same position. Edward relaxed slightly when my hands were empty, but came no closer. â€Å"You don’t have to be afraid, Bella,† Edward murmured. â€Å"You’re safe. I won’t hurt you.† The mystifying promise only confused me further. I stared at him like an imbecile, trying to understand. â€Å"It’s going to be all right, Bella. I know you’re frightened now, but it’s over. No one is going to hurt you. I won’t touch you. I won’t hurt you,† he said again. My eyes blinked furiously, and I found my voice. â€Å"Why do you keep saying that?† I took an unsteady step toward him, and he leaned away from my advance. â€Å"What’s wrong?† I whispered. â€Å"What do you mean?† â€Å"Are you . . .† His golden eyes were suddenly as confused as I felt. â€Å"Aren’t you afraid of me?† â€Å"Afraid of you? Why?† I staggered forward another step, and then tripped over something – my own feet probably. Edward caught me, and I buried my face in his chest and started to sob. â€Å"Bella, Bella, I’m so sorry. It’s over, it’s over.† â€Å"I’m fine,† I gasped. â€Å"I’m okay. I’m just. Freaking out. Give me. A minute.† His arms tightened around me. â€Å"I’m so sorry,† he murmured again and again. I clung to him until I could breathe, and then I was kissing him – his chest, his shoulder, his neck – every part of him that I could reach. Slowly, my brain started to work again. â€Å"Are you okay?† I demanded between kisses. â€Å"Did she hurt you at all?† â€Å"I am absolutely fine,† he promised, burying his face in my hair. â€Å"Seth?† Edward chuckled. â€Å"More than fine. Very pleased with himself, in fact.† â€Å"The others? Alice, Esme? The wolves? â€Å"All fine. It’s over there, too. It went just as smoothly as I promised. We got the worst of it here.† I let myself absorb that for a moment, let it sink in and settle in my head. My family and my friends were safe. Victoria was never coming after me again. It was over. We were all going to be fine. But I couldn’t completely take in the good news while I was still so confused. â€Å"Tell me why,† I insisted. â€Å"Why did you think I would be afraid of you?† â€Å"I’m sorry,† he said, apologizing yet again – for what? I had no idea. â€Å"So sorry. I didn’t want you to see that. See me like that. I know I must have terrified you.† I had to think about that for another minute, about the hesitant way he’d approached me, his hands in the air. Like I was going to run if he moved too fast. . . . â€Å"Seriously?† I finally asked. â€Å"You . . . what? Thought you’d scared me off?† I snorted. Snorting was good; a voice couldn’t tremble or break during a snort. It sounded impressively offhand. He put his hand under my chin and tilted my head back to read my face. â€Å"Bella, I just† – he hesitated and then forced the words out – â€Å"I just beheaded and dismembered a sentient creature not twenty yards from you. That doesn’t bother you?† He frowned at me. I shrugged. Shrugging was good, too. Very blas. â€Å"Not really. I was only afraid that you and Seth were going to get hurt. I wanted to help, but there’s only so much I can do. . . .† His suddenly livid expression made my voice fade out. â€Å"Yes,† he said, his tone clipped. â€Å"Your little stunt with the rock. You know that you nearly gave me a heart attack? Not the easiest thing to do, that.† His furious glower made it hard to answer. â€Å"I wanted to help . . . Seth was hurt. . . .† â€Å"Seth was only feigning that he was hurt, Bella. It was a trick. And then you . . . !† He shook his head, unable to finish. â€Å"Seth couldn’t see what you were doing, so I had to step in. Seth’s a bit disgruntled that he can’t claim a single-handed defeat now.† â€Å"Seth was . . . faking?† Edward nodded sternly. â€Å"Oh.† We both looked at Seth, who was studiously ignoring us, watching the flames. Smugness radiated from every hair in his fur. â€Å"Well, I didn’t know that,† I said, on the offense now. â€Å"And it’s not easy being the only helpless person around. Just you wait till I’m a vampire! I’m not going to be sitting on the sidelines next time.† A dozen emotions flitted across his face before he settled on being amused. â€Å"Next time? Did you anticipate another war soon?† â€Å"With my luck? Who knows?† He rolled his eyes, but I could see that he was flying – the relief was making us both lightheaded. It was over. Or . . . was it? â€Å"Hold on. Didn’t you say something before – ?† I flinched, remembering what exactly it had been before – what was I going to say to Jacob? My splintered heart throbbed out a painful, aching beat. It was hard to believe, almost impossible, but the hardest part of this day was not behind me – and then I soldiered on. â€Å"About a complication? And Alice, needing to nail down the schedule for Sam. You said it was going to be close. What was going to be close?† Edward’s eyes flickered back to Seth, and they exchanged a loaded glance. â€Å"Well?† I asked. â€Å"It’s nothing, really,† Edward said quickly. â€Å"But we do need to be on our way. . . .† He started to pull me into place on his back, but I stiffened and drew away. â€Å"Define nothing.† Edward took my face between his palms. â€Å"We only have a minute, so don’t panic, all right? I told you that you had no reason to be afraid. Trust me on that, please?† I nodded, trying to hide the sudden terror – how much more could I handle before I collapsed? â€Å"No reason to be afraid. Got it.† He pursed his lips for a second, deciding what to say. And then he glanced abruptly at Seth, as if the wolf had called him. â€Å"What’s she doing?† Edward asked. Seth whined; it was an anxious, uneasy sound. It made the hair on the back of my neck rise. Everything was dead silent for one endless second. And then Edward gasped, â€Å"No!† and one of his hands flew out as if to grab something that I couldn’t see. â€Å"Don’t -!† A spasm rocked through Seth’s body, and a howl, blistering with agony, ripped from his lungs. Edward fell to his knees at the exact same moment, gripping the sides of his head with two hands, his face furrowed in pain. I screamed once in bewildered terror, and dropped to my knees beside him. Stupidly, I tried to pull his hands from his face; my palms, clammy with sweat, slid off his marble skin. â€Å"Edward! Edward!† His eyes focused on me; with obvious effort, he pulled his clenched teeth apart. â€Å"It’s okay. We’re going to be fine. It’s -† He broke off, and winced again. â€Å"What’s happening?† I cried out while Seth howled in anguish. â€Å"We’re fine. We’re going to be okay,† Edward gasped. â€Å"Sam – help him -â€Å" And I realized in that instant, when he said Sam’s name, that he was not speaking of himself and Seth. No unseen force was attacking them. This time, the crisis was not here. He was using the pack plural. I’d burned through all my adrenaline. My body had nothing left. I sagged, and Edward caught me before I could hit the rocks. He sprang to his feet, me in his arms. â€Å"Seth!† Edward shouted. Seth was crouched, still tensed in agony, looking as if he meant to launch himself into the forest. â€Å"No!† Edward ordered. â€Å"You go straight home. Now. As fast as you can!† Seth whimpered, shaking his great head from side to side. â€Å"Seth. Trust me.† The huge wolf stared into Edward’s agonized eyes for one long second, and then he straightened up and flew into the trees, disappearing like a ghost. Edward cradled me tightly against his chest, and then we were also hurtling through the shadowy forest, taking a different path than the wolf. â€Å"Edward.† I fought to force the words through my constricted throat. â€Å"What happened, Edward? What happened to Sam? Where are we going? What’s happening?† â€Å"We have to go back to the clearing,† he told me in a low voice. â€Å"We knew there was a good probability of this happening. Earlier this morning, Alice saw it and passed it through Sam to Seth. The Volturi decided it was time to intercede.† The Volturi. Too much. My mind refused to make sense of the words, pretended it couldn’t understand. The trees jolted past us. He was running downhill so fast that it felt as if we were plummeting, falling out of control. â€Å"Don’t panic. They aren’t coming for us. It’s just the normal contingent of the guard that usually cleans up this kind of mess. Nothing momentous, they’re merely doing their job. Of course, they seem to have timed their arrival very carefully. Which leads me to believe that no one in Italy would mourn if these newborns had reduced the size of the Cullen family.† The words came through his teeth, hard and bleak. â€Å"I’ll know for sure what they were thinking when they get to the clearing.† â€Å"Is that why we’re going back?† I whispered. Could I handle this? Images of flowing black robes crept into my unwilling mind, and I flinched away from them. I was close to a breaking point. â€Å"It’s part of the reason. Mostly, it will be safer for us to present a united front at this point. They have no reason to harass us, but . . . Jane’s with them. If she thought we were alone somewhere away from the others, it might tempt her. Like Victoria, Jane will probably guess that I’m with you. Demetri, of course, is with her. He could find me, if Jane asked him to.† I didn’t want to think that name. I didn’t want to see that blindingly exquisite, childlike face in my head. A strange sound came out of my throat. â€Å"Shh, Bella, shh. It’s all going to be fine. Alice can see that.† Alice could see? But . . . then where were the wolves? Where was the pack? â€Å"The pack?† â€Å"They had to leave quickly. The Volturi do not honor truces with werewolves.† I could hear my breathing get faster, but I couldn’t control it. I started to gasp. â€Å"I swear they will be fine,† Edward promised me. â€Å"The Volturi won’t recognize the scent – they won’t realize the wolves are here; this isn’t a species they are familiar with. The pack will be fine.† I couldn’t process his explanation. My concentration was ripped to shreds by my fears. We’re going to be fine, he had said before . . . and Seth, howling in agony . . . Edward had avoided my first question, distracted me with the Volturi. . . . I was very close to the edge – just clinging by my fingertips. The trees were a racing blur that flowed around him like jade waters. â€Å"What happened?† I whispered again. â€Å"Before. When Seth was howling? When you were hurt?† Edward hesitated. â€Å"Edward! Tell me!† â€Å"It was all over,† he whispered. I could barely hear him over the wind his speed created. â€Å"The wolves didn’t count their half . . . they thought they had them all. Of course, Alice couldn’t see. . . .† â€Å"What happened?!† â€Å"One of the newborns was hiding. . . . Leah found him – she was being stupid, cocky, trying to prove something. She engaged him alone. . . .† â€Å"Leah,† I repeated, and I was too weak to feel shame for the relief that flooded through me. â€Å"Is she going to be okay?† â€Å"Leah wasn’t hurt,† Edward mumbled. I stared at him for a long second. Sam – help him – Edward had gasped. Him, not her. â€Å"We’re almost there,† Edward said, and he stared at a fixed point in the sky. Automatically, my eyes followed his. There was a dark purple cloud hanging low over the trees. A cloud? But it was so abnormally sunny. . . . No, not a cloud – I recognized the thick column of smoke, just like the one at our campsite. â€Å"Edward,† I said, my voice nearly inaudible. â€Å"Edward, someone got hurt.† I’d heard Seth’s agony, seen the torture in Edward’s face. â€Å"Yes,† he whispered. â€Å"Who?† I asked, though, of course, I already knew the answer. Of course I did. Of course. The trees were slowing around us as we came to our destination. It took him a long moment to answer me. â€Å"Jacob,† he said. I was able to nod once. â€Å"Of course,† I whispered. And then I slipped off the edge I was clinging to inside my head. Everything went black. I was first aware of the cool hands touching me. More than one pair of hands. Arms holding me, a palm curved to fit my cheek, fingers stroking my forehead, and more fingers pressed lightly into my wrist. Then I was aware of the voices. They were just ahumming at first, and then they grew in volume and clarity like someone was turning up a radio. â€Å"Carlisle – it’s been five minutes.† Edward’s voice, anxious. â€Å"She’ll come around when she’s ready, Edward.† Carlisle’s voice, always calm and sure. â€Å"She’s had too much to deal with today. Let her mind protect itself.† But my mind was not protected. It was trapped in the knowledge that had not left me, even in unconsciousness – the pain that was part of the blackness. I felt totally disconnected from my body. Like I was caged in some small corner of my head, no longer at the controls. But I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t think. The agony was too strong for that. There was no escape from it. Jacob. Jacob. No, no, no, no, no . . . â€Å"Alice, how long do we have?† Edward demanded, his voice still tense; Carlisle’s soothing words had not helped. From farther away, Alice’s voice. It was brightly chipper. â€Å"Another five minutes. And Bella will open her eyes in thirty-seven seconds. I wouldn’t doubt that she can hear us now.† â€Å"Bella, honey?† This was Esme’s soft, comforting voice. â€Å"Can you hear me? You’re safe now, dear.† Yes, I was safe. Did that really matter? Then cool lips were at my ear, and Edward was speaking the words that allowed me to escape from the torture that had me caged inside my own head. â€Å"He’s going to live, Bella. Jacob Black is healing as I speak. He’ll be fine.† As the pain and dread eased, I found my way back to my body. My eyelids fluttered. â€Å"Oh, Bella,† Edward sighed in relief, and his lips touched mine. â€Å"Edward,† I whispered. â€Å"Yes, I’m here.† I got my lids to open, and I stared into warm gold. â€Å"Jacob is okay?† I asked. â€Å"Yes,† he promised. I watched his eyes carefully for some sign that he was placating me, but they were perfectly clear. â€Å"I examined him myself,† Carlisle said then; I turned my head to find his face, only a few feet away. Carlisle’s expression was serious and reassuring at the same time. It was impossible to doubt him. â€Å"His life is not in any danger. He was healing at an incredible rate, though his injuries were extensive enough that it will still be a few days before he is back to normal, even if the rate of repair holds steady. As soon as we’re done here, I will do what I can to help him. Sam is trying to get him to phase back to his human form. That will make treating him easier.† Carlisle smiled slightly. â€Å"I’ve never been to veterinarian school.† â€Å"What happened to him?† I whispered. â€Å"How bad are his injuries?† Carlisle’s face was serious again. â€Å"Another wolf was in trouble -â€Å" â€Å"Leah,† I breathed. â€Å"Yes. He knocked her out of the way, but he didn’t have time to defend himself. The newborn got his arms around him. Most of the bones on the right half of his body were shattered.† I flinched. â€Å"Sam and Paul got there in time. He was already improving when they took him back to La Push.† â€Å"He’ll be back to normal?† I asked. â€Å"Yes, Bella. He won’t have any permanent damage.† I took a deep breath. â€Å"Three minutes,† Alice said quietly. I struggled, trying to get vertical. Edward realized what I was doing and helped me to my feet. I stared at the scene in front of me. The Cullens stood in a loose semicircle around the bonfire. There were hardly any flames visible, just the thick, purple-black smoke, hovering like a disease against the bright grass. Jasper stood closest to the solid- seeming haze, in its shadow so that his skin did not glitter brilliantly in the sun the way the others did. He had his back to me, his shoulders tense, his arms slightly extended. There was something there, in his shadow. Something he crouched over with wary intensity. . . . I was too numb to feel more than a mild shock when I realized what it was. There were eight vampires in the clearing. The girl was curled into a small ball beside the flames, her arms wrapped around her legs. She was very young. Younger than me – she looked maybe fifteen, dark-haired and slight. Her eyes were focused on me, and the irises were a shocking, brilliant red. Much brighter than Riley’s, almost glowing. They wheeled wildly, out of control. Edward saw my bewildered expression. â€Å"She surrendered,† he told me quietly. â€Å"That’s one I’ve never seen before. Only Carlisle would think of offering. Jasper doesn’t approve.† I couldn’t tear my gaze away from the scene beside the fire. Jasper was rubbing absently at his left forearm. â€Å"Is Jasper all right?† I whispered. â€Å"He’s fine. The venom stings.† â€Å"He was bitten?† I asked, horrified. â€Å"He was trying to be everywhere at once. Trying to make sure Alice had nothing to do, actually.† Edward shook his head. â€Å"Alice doesn’t need anyone’s help.† Alice grimaced toward her true love. â€Å"Overprotective fool.† The young female suddenly threw her head back like an animal and wailed shrilly. Jasper growled at her and she cringed back, but her fingers dug into the ground like claws and her head whipped back and forth in anguish. Jasper took a step toward her, slipping deeper into his crouch. Edward moved with overdone casualness, turning our bodies so that he was between the girl and me. I peeked around his arm to watch the thrashing girl and Jasper. Carlisle was at Jasper’s side in an instant. He put a restraining hand on his most recent son’s arm. â€Å"Have you changed your mind, young one?† Carlisle asked, calm as ever. â€Å"We don’t want to destroy you, but we will if you can’t control yourself.† â€Å"How can you stand it?† the girl groaned in a high, clear voice. â€Å"I want her.† Her bright crimson irises focused on Edward, through him, beyond him to me, and her nails ripped through the hard soil again. â€Å"You must stand it,† Carlisle told her gravely. â€Å"You must exercise control. It is possible, and it is the only thing that will save you now.† The girl clutched her dirt-encrusted hands around her head, yowling quietly. â€Å"Shouldn’t we move away from her?† I whispered, tugging on Edward’s arm. The girl’s lips pulled back over her teeth when she heard my voice, her expression one of torment. â€Å"We have to stay here,† Edward murmured. â€Å"They are coming to the north end of the clearing now.† My heart burst into a sprint as I scanned the clearing, but I couldn’t see anything past the thick pall of smoke. After a second of fruitless searching, my gaze crept back to the young female vampire. She was still watching me, her eyes half-mad. I met the girl’s stare for a long moment. Chin-length dark hair framed her face, which was alabaster pale. It was hard to tell if her features were beautiful, twisted as they were by rage and thirst. The feral red eyes were dominant – hard to look away from. She glared at me viciously, shuddering and writhing every few seconds. I stared at her, mesmerized, wondering if I were looking into a mirror of my future. Then Carlisle and Jasper began to back toward the rest of us. Emmett, Rosalie, and Esme all converged hastily around where Edward stood with Alice and me. A united front, as Edward had said, with me at the heart, in the safest place. I tore my attention away from the wild girl to search for the approaching monsters. There was stillnothing to see. I glanced at Edward, and his eyes were locked straight ahead. I tried to follow his gaze, but there was only the smoke – dense, oily smoke twisting low to the ground, rising lazily, undulating against the grass. It billowed forward, darker in the middle. â€Å"Hmm,† a dead voice murmured from the mist. I recognized the apathy at once. â€Å"Welcome, Jane.† Edward’s tone was coolly courteous. The dark shapes came closer, separating themselves from the haze, solidifying. I knew it would be Jane in the front – the darkest cloak, almost black, and the smallest figure by more than two feet. I could just barely make out Jane’s angelic features in the shade of the cowl. The four gray-shrouded figures hulking behind her were also somewhat familiar. I was sure I recognized the biggest one, and while I stared, trying to confirm my suspicion, Felix looked up. He let his hood fall back slightly so that I could see him wink at me and smile. Edward was very still at my side, tightly in control. Jane’s gaze moved slowly across the luminous faces of the Cullens and then touched on the newborn girl beside the fire; the newborn had her head in her hands again. â€Å"I don’t understand.† Jane’s voice was toneless, but not quite as uninterested as before. â€Å"She has surrendered,† Edward explained, answering the confusion in her mind. Jane’s dark eyes flashed to his face. â€Å"Surrendered?† Felix and another shadow exchanged a quick glance. Edward shrugged. â€Å"Carlisle gave her the option.† â€Å"There are no options for those who break the rules,† Jane said flatly. Carlisle spoke then, his voice mild. â€Å"That’s in your hands. As long as she was willing to halt her attack on us, I saw no need to destroy her. She was never taught.† â€Å"That is irrelevant,† Jane insisted. â€Å"As you wish.† Jane stared at Carlisle in consternation. She shook her head infinitesimally, and then composed her features. â€Å"Aro hoped that we would get far enough west to see you, Carlisle. He sends his regards.† Carlisle nodded. â€Å"I would appreciate it if you would convey mine to him.† â€Å"Of course.† Jane smiled. Her face was almost too lovely when it was animated. She looked back toward the smoke. â€Å"It appears that you’ve done our work for us today . . . for the most part.† Her eyes flickered to the hostage. â€Å"Just out of professional curiosity, how many were there? They left quite a wake of destruction in Seattle.† â€Å"Eighteen, including this one,† Carlisle answered. Jane’s eyes widened, and she looked at the fire again, seeming to reassess the size of it. Felix and the other shadow exchanged a longer glance. â€Å"Eighteen?† she repeated, her voice sounding unsure for the first time. â€Å"All brand-new,† Carlisle said dismissively. â€Å"They were unskilled.† â€Å"All?† Her voice turned sharp. â€Å"Then who was their creator?† â€Å"Her name was Victoria,† Edward answered, no emotion in his voice. â€Å"Was?† Jane asked. Edward inclined his head toward the eastern forest. Jane’s eyes snapped up and focused on something far in the distance. The other pillar of smoke? I didn’t look away to check. Jane stared to the east for a long moment, and then examined the closer bonfire again. â€Å"This Victoria – she was in addition to the eighteen here?† â€Å"Yes. She had only one other with her. He was not as young as this one here, but no older than a year.† â€Å"Twenty,† Jane breathed. â€Å"Who dealt with the creator?† â€Å"I did,† Edward told her. Jane’s eyes narrowed, and she turned to the girl beside the fire. â€Å"You there,† she said, her dead voice harsher than before. â€Å"Your name.† The newborn shot a baleful glare at Jane, her lips pressed tightly together. Jane smiled back angelically. The newborn girl’s answering scream was ear-piercing; her body arched stiffly into a distorted, unnatural position. I looked away, fighting the urge to cover my ears. I gritted my teeth, hoping to control my stomach. The screaming intensified. I tried to concentrate on Edward’s face, smooth and unemotional, but that made me remember when it had been Edward under Jane’s torturing gaze, and I felt sicker. I looked at Alice instead, and Esme next to her. Their faces were as empty as his. Finally, it was quiet. â€Å"Your name,† Jane said again, her voice inflectionless. â€Å"Bree,† the girl gasped. Jane smiled, and the girl shrieked again. I held my breath until the sound of her agony stopped. â€Å"She’ll tell you anything you want to know,† Edward said through his teeth. â€Å"You don’t have to do that.† Jane looked up, sudden humor in her usually dead eyes. â€Å"Oh, I know,† she said to Edward, grinning at him before she turned back to the young vampire, Bree. â€Å"Bree,† Jane said, her voice cold again. â€Å"Is his story true? Were there twenty of you?† The girl lay panting, the side of her face pressed against the earth. She spoke quickly. â€Å"Nineteen or twenty, maybe more, I don’t know!† She cringed, terrified that her ignorance might bring on another round of torture. â€Å"Sara and the one whose name I don’t know got in a fight on the way. . . .† â€Å"And this Victoria – did she create you?† â€Å"I don’t know,† she said, flinching again. â€Å"Riley never said her name. I didn’t see that night . . . it was so dark, and it hurt. . . .† Bree shuddered. â€Å"He didn’t want us to be able to think of her. He said that our thoughts weren’t safe. . . .† Jane’s eyes flickered to Edward, and then back to the girl. Victoria had planned this well. If she hadn’t followed Edward, there would have been no way to know for certain that she was involved. . . . â€Å"Tell me about Riley,† Jane said. â€Å"Why did he bring you here?† â€Å"Riley told us that we had to destroy the strange yellow-eyes here,† Bree babbled quickly and willingly. â€Å"He said it would be easy. He said that the city was theirs, and they were coming to get us. He said once they were gone, all the blood would be ours. He gave us her scent.† Bree lifted one hand and stabbed a finger in my direction. â€Å"He said we would know that we had the right coven, because she would be with them. He said whoever got to her first could have her.† I heard Edward’s jaw flex beside me. â€Å"It looks like Riley was wrong about the easy part,† Jane noted. Bree nodded, seeming relieved that the conversation had taken this non-painful course. She sat up carefully. â€Å"I don’t know what happened. We split up, but the others never came. And Riley left us, and he didn’t come to help like he promised. And then it was so confusing, and everybody was in pieces.† She shuddered again. â€Å"I was afraid. I wanted to run away. That one† – she looked at Carlisle – â€Å"said they wouldn’t hurt me if I stopped fighting.† â€Å"Ah, but that wasn’t his gift to offer, young one,† Jane murmured, her voice oddly gentle now. â€Å"Broken rules demand a consequence.† Bree stared at her, not comprehending. Jane looked at Carlisle. â€Å"Are you sure you got all of them? The other half that split off?† Carlisle’s face was very smooth as he nodded. â€Å"We split up, too.† Jane half-smiled. â€Å"I can’t deny that I’m impressed.† The big shadows behind her murmured in agreement. â€Å"I’ve never seen a coven escape this magnitude of offensive intact. Do you know what was behind it? It seems like extreme behavior, considering the way you live here. And why was the girl the key?† Her eyes rested unwilling on me for one short second. I shivered. â€Å"Victoria held a grudge against Bella,† Edward told her, his voice impassive. Jane laughed – the sound was golden, the bubbling laugh of a happy child. â€Å"This one seems to bring out bizarrely strong reactions in our kind,† she observed, smiling directly at me, her face beatific. Edward stiffened. I looked at him in time to see his face turning away, back to Jane. â€Å"Would you please not do that?† he asked in a tight voice. Jane laughed again lightly. â€Å"Just checking. No harm done, apparently.† I shivered, deeply grateful that the strange glitch in my system – which had protected me from Jane the last time we’d met – was still in effect. Edward’s arm tightened around me. â€Å"Well, it appears that there’s not much left for us to do. Odd,† Jane said, apathy creeping back into her voice. â€Å"We’re not used to being rendered unnecessary. It’s too bad we missed the fight. It sounds like it would have been entertaining to watch.† â€Å"Yes,† Edward answered her quickly, his voice sharp. â€Å"And you were so close. It’s a shame you didn’t arrive just a half hour earlier. Perhaps then you could have fulfilled your purpose here.† Jane met Edward’s glare with unwavering eyes. â€Å"Yes. Quite a pity how things turned out, isn’t it?† Edward nodded once to himself, his suspicions confirmed. Jane turned to look at the newborn Bree again, her face completely bored. â€Å"Felix?† she drawled. â€Å"Wait,† Edward interjected. Jane raised one eyebrow, but Edward was staring at Carlisle while he spoke in an urgent voice. â€Å"We could explain the rules to the young one. She doesn’t seem unwilling to learn. She didn’t know what she was doing.† â€Å"Of course,† Carlisle answered. â€Å"We would certainly be prepared to take responsibility for Bree.† Jane’s expression was torn between amusement and disbelief. â€Å"We don’t make exceptions,† she said. â€Å"And we don’t give second chances. It’s bad for our reputation. Which reminds me . . .† Suddenly, her eyes were on me again, and her cherubic face dimpled. â€Å"Caius will be so interested to hear that you’re still human, Bella. Perhaps he’ll decide to visit.† â€Å"The date is set,† Alice told Jane, speaking for the first time. â€Å"Perhaps we’ll come to visit you in a few months.† Jane’s smile faded, and she shrugged indifferently, never looking at Alice. She turned to face Carlisle. â€Å"It was nice to meet you, Carlisle – I’d thought Aro was exaggerating. Well, until we meet again . . .† Carlisle nodded, his expression pained. â€Å"Take care of that, Felix,† Jane said, nodding toward Bree, her voice dripping boredom. â€Å"I want to go home.† â€Å"Don’t watch,† Edward whispered in my ear. I was only too eager to follow his instruction. I’d seen more than enough for one day – more than enough for one lifetime. I squeezed my eyes tightly together and turned my face into Edward’s chest. But I could still hear. There was a deep, rumbling growl, and then a high-pitched keen that was horribly familiar. That sound cut off quickly, and then the only sound was a sickening crunching and snapping. Edward’s hand rubbed anxiously against my shoulders. â€Å"Come,† Jane said, and I looked up in time to see the backs of the tall gray cloaks drifting away toward the curling smoke. The incense smell was strong again – fresh. The gray cloaks disappeared into the thick mist. How to cite The Twilight Saga 3: Eclipse Chapter 25. MIRROR, Essay examples

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This Lesson Describes The Usenet Culture And Customs That Have Essays

This lesson describes the Usenet culture and customs that have developed over time. It is the people participating in Usenet that make it worth the effort to read and maintain; for Usenet to function properly those people must be able to interact in productive ways. This document is intended as a guide to using the net in ways that will be pleasant and productive for everyone. This lesson is not intended to teach you how to use Usenet. It is a guide on how to use Usenet politely, effectively and efficiently. Communication by computer is new to almost everybody, and there are certain aspects that can make it a frustrating experience until you get used to them. This lesson should help you avoid the worst traps. The easiest way to learn how to use Usenet is to watch how others use it. Start reading the news and try to figure out what people are doing and why. After a couple of weeks you will start understanding why certain things are done and what things shouldn't be done. There are documents available describing the technical details of how to use the software. These are different depending on which programs you use to access the news. You can get copies of these from your system administrator. If you do not know who that person is, they can be contacted on most systems by mailing to account "news", "usenet" or "postmaster". Usenet is a world-wide distributed discussion system. It consists of a set of "newsgroups" with names that are classified hierarchically by subject. "Articles" or "messages" are "posted" to these newsgroups by people on computers with the appropriate software -- these articles are then broadcast to other interconnected computer systems via a wide variety of networks. Some newsgroups are "moderated"; in these newsgroups, the articles are first sent to a moderator for approval before appearing in the newsgroup. Usenet is available on a wide variety of computer systems and networks. There are thousands of Usenet newsgroups, and it is sometimes difficult to find the right newsgroup to ask a question or start a discussion. This lesson gives some general methods of finding the right newsgroup or mailing list for a topic. To find what groups are relevant for your subject, you might search through your local list of newsgroups that your ISP (internet service provider) has provided. . Then subscribe to those groups, and look at some of the recent traffic, to make sure that your question is suitable for the group. (For example, questions about Microsoft Windows belong in*, not*) [The asterisk, '*', means multiple objects (here, groups) are referenced.] On some systems, your .newsrc file won't contain the names of newsgroups you haven't subscribed to. In that case, read the documentation for your newsreader to find out how to add newsgroups, and use the methods mentioned below to find out the names of groups that might be available on your system. On some ISP systems, the 'newsgroups' command will show you a file containing a one-line description of the purpose of each newsgroup (the newsgroups file), or longer descriptions of the purpose and contents of each newsgroup (the newsgroup charters.) Ask the ISP news administrator if these or similar resources are available on your system. A way to find newsgroups where your topic is discussed is to use one of the Web search tools, such as or and enter a keyword search for your topic. As with all search engines, taking a few moments to learn how to compose an effective search will make the results much more useful. Once you have checked local resources, and the formal newsgroup descriptions, if you are still uncertain as to what groups are 'right' for your post, you can ask in news.groups.questions - this group is designed for people to ask what existing newsgroup is appropriate for a given topic or sub-topic of discussion. Very few sites carry all available newsgroups (there are thousands). Your local news administrator can help you access newsgroups that are not currently available, or explain why certain groups are not available at your site. If your site does not carry the newsgroup(s) where your post belongs, do NOT post it in other, inappropriate groups. WHAT USENET IS NOT ------------------ 1. Usenet is not an organization. No person or group has

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Hotel Line Business And Build Syuen Hotel Tourism Essay Essays

Hotel Line Business And Build Syuen Hotel Tourism Essay Essays Hotel Line Business And Build Syuen Hotel Tourism Essay Essay Hotel Line Business And Build Syuen Hotel Tourism Essay Essay Introduction Syuen Corporation is company that started off as a little building company and so invested in hotel line concern and construct Syuen Hotel. Syuen Hotel operates in service industry which gives client service satisfaction in the hotel. This organisation has been established for the past 19 old ages. Mr. Yan, the proprietor of the hotel usage to be a seamster and most of his mark market was large shootings. Most of the clients of Mr. Yan were the politicians ; concern adult male and people link to royalty blood. As his concern grew he started off a little building concern with the contact and influence of his web with the politicians and concern people. Then he started to make lodging undertaking and development in a little graduated table and so developed to large building development Company. Syuen Hotel was billed by his ain building company and that s where he started his hotel line concern. As Mr. Yan s concern grew, he started to put in other states by purchasing lands and edifice hotels. Mr. Yan opened the 2nd hotel in Laos and started to develop the state to a better and more civilised state. As times passed by Mr. Yan besides invested in lumber concern and tea plantations. Mr.Yan left the direction to Miss Maggie Ong to pull off Syuen Hotel. Miss Maggie is the manager of this hotel and she used all her expertness, web and accomplishments to convey up the criterion of the hotel. Now Syuen Hotel is besides known as the best metropolis hotel in Ipoh. Laos is a single-party socialist democracy. The capital metropolis is Vientiane. Other big metropoliss include LuangHYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol: // HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol: // Prabang, Savannakhet, and Pakse. The official linguistic communication is Lao. Laos is a multi-ethnic state with the politically and culturally dominant Lao people doing up about 60 per centum of the population, largely in the Lowlandss. Assorted Mon-Khmer groups, the Hmong, and other autochthonal hill folks, accounting for 40 per centum of the population, live in the foothills and mountains. Laos scheme for development is based on bring forthing electricity from its rivers and selling the power to its neighbors , viz. Thailand, China, and Vietnam. Laos is practically a low cost state as is non that civilized and developed comparison to other states in this epoch. Their state development is manner far behind so compare to other states. Laos is the lone landlocked state in Southeast Asia, and its thickly forested landscape consists largely of rugged mountains. The highest of which is PhouHYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol: // HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol: // Bia at 2,818 metres ( 9,245A foot ) , with some fields and tableland. Local tradition holds that there are three seasons ( rainy, cold and hot ) as the latter two months of the climatologically defined dry season are perceptibly hotter than the earlier four months. Laos has a really good quality dirt that really helps on agribusiness activities. Subsistence agribusiness still accounts for half of the GDP and provides 80 % of employment. Merely 4.01 % of the state is cultivable land, and a mere 0.34 % used as lasting harvest land. The lowest per centum in the Greater Mekong Sub part and rice dominates agribusiness, with approximately 80 % of the cultivable land c ountry used for turning rice. Subsistence agribusiness is self-sufficiency agriculture in which the husbandmans focus on turning adequate nutrient to feed themselves and their households. The typical subsistence farm has a scope of harvests and animate beings needed by the household to feed and dress themselves during the twelvemonth. The labour cost at Laos is really inexpensive as most of the people do nt mind making any difficult occupation to gain money and survive at that place. After detecting all the pros and cons of Laos, Mr.Yan decided to put at Laos and use his hotel line concern and use the advantages in Laos. Mr Yan practically used all the expertness and recourses that he have from Malaysia and import to Laos to develop the concern in Laos. He focused on chiefly on hotel line concern and so he invested besides invested on tea, herbs, bird nest and wood trade furniture. Syuen Corporation established another corporation name called Dansavanh hotel group stand foring Syuen Corporation in Malaysia. In 1997 the Malayan Syuen Corporation started to develop Laos s largest resort on more than 18000 hectar of national park land on island in the reservoir behind the Nam Ngum dam.One of the company s first act is to put up a proverb factory to treat the lumber logged from the development country ( Dhirendra K. , 2001 ) . Then they build the first hotel called the Nam Ngum Resort and so followed by the Vientiane Hotel. Syuen Corporation signed master understandi ng with the Laos s authorities on 6 January 2006 and unfastened Nam Ngum Resort which is the first eco touristry resort. These hotels improved the touristry of Laos as it attracted people from other states which finally increased the currency exchange. Besides that, Syuen Corporation opened tea fabricating company and lumber fabrication company over the old ages. The thought is to fabricate good quality tea and wood trade furniture with low labour cost and export to states like Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam with good monetary value. This helped the company to gain good net income as they export choice stuff with a better monetary value so other rivals. Analysis Addition Grow chance It may sound general, but it is undeniable as this is one of the chief grounds for company to put to another state. The Syuen Corporation proprietor senses the chances presented in the state, therefore moved early to come in the market. Back in 1997, the company already started to develop the largest resort in Laos ( Dhirendra K. , 2001 ) . Fast forward to today, the return are stupefying, the corporation now own a resort with golf nine and casino, a 4-star hotel and two more hotels in building ( Dansavanh Hotel, n.d. ) . The rise in figure of tourer in Laos in recent old ages has boosted the touristry industry in the state, particularly hospitality industry. The hotel line concern in Laos benefited greatly from the growing of touristry as the hotels are aiming upscale travelers, which are 12 % from 1000000s of traveler to Laos. Furthermore, the hotel besides offer touristry bundle at their hotel as add-on to their growth gross and capitalise on the touristry tendency in Laos, where the authorities announced 2012 to be Visit Laos Year. Apart from that, the corporation hotel in Malaysia besides provide touristry bundle that finish are traveling to Laos which include adjustment in their ain hotel. The move to put in another state gained the company diverseness in their concern and besides growing in term of figure market served. Low labour cost Laos remain as one of the state that the labour cost are comparatively low. Syuen Corporation ventured into the state and enjoys low cost in term of rewards, and allows them to hold higher net income border. The low cost status non merely benefited the hotel concern line, but besides the Corporation s tea plantation and wood trade furniture concern. despite the low cost of labour in the state, Syuen Corporation still face small competition as the menace of new entryway are really low, as Laos ranked 163 overall in Ease of Doing Business rank out of 185 economic systems ( The World Bank, 2012 ) . The company addition benefit of the first mover advantage as they are one of the most early company to put up sawmill and furniture fabrication in the state. They besides remain as few of the company from Malaysia to bask the low cost advantages. Synergy from diverse concern The low labour cost besides encouraged the company to venture into different industries, other than their chief hotel line concern, as mentioned in the debut portion of this assignment. Most of their concern in other industries synergized good with their chief concern. For an blink of an eye, the Corporation engagements in tea plantation and wood trade furniture industry in the state besides contribute to their hotel concerns. High quality tea are produced to be used in the hotel and besides export, this cut down the cost of acquiring tea therefore increases the net income border of the Corporation. Similarly, the most of the furniture in the hotel are wood trade furniture of their ain. This in bend saves the cost of puting up hotels in Laos, and the tea and furniture gain free exposure and advertisement to tourist. Furthermore, the tea and furniture are besides exported to Malaysia, and the Corporation hotel can acquire in a low monetary value compared to the market monetary value. The synergism created is good to their concerns. Shortcoming Lao Government Forest Policy Harmonizing to J A ; C Expat Service, if want to get down a concern in Laos can be really ambitious because Laos is considered one of the most hard states in the universe in get downing a concern ( J A ; C, 2012 ) . Therefore, Syuen Corporation is confronting few defects when come ining Laos to spread out their concern. First and first, the geographical location of Laos is covered by many mountains, fields and tableland. There are over 70 % of Laos consists of rain forests ( ) . Therefore, deforestation is the major impact on Laos which besides indirectly affect Syuen Corporation concern at Laos particularly the lumber and sawmill concern. Syuen Corporation set up sawmills to treat the lumber logged from the development country ( World Rainforest Movement and Forest Monitor 1998, 53 ) . The environmental jobs that encountered by Laos particularly deforestation is acquiring more serious as spread outing commercial development of the forest and programs for extra hydr oelectric installations. Therefore, in order to continue valuable hardwoods for commercial extraction and to protect the forest environment, Lao authorities decided to put quota logging. Besides, the determination of puting the sum of quotas is complex and no transparence. Initially, the state will subject a figure to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry ( MAF ) . The figures will be go throughing through many ministries and the determination is made without any audience with functionaries from the Division of Inventory and Planning in the Department of Forestry ( Vajpeyi, 2001 ; Southavilay and Castren 1999 ) . Then, MAF will portion the quota between the states and most of the states will acquire quota far below the lumber processing capacity in that state ( Vajpeyi, 2001 ) . Consequently, Syuen Corporation s sawmills concern will be affected the most due to the quota logging set by the Lao authorities. Infrastructure low Laos is an developing state, the hapless entree, short of substructure and many undeveloped finish are curtailing the growing of the hotel and touristry industry in the metropolis. There are merely 5 air hoses serve the Wattay International Airport, from regional metropoliss such as Bangkok, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur and Phnom Penh. (, 2011 ) Therefore, to entree to the metropolis of Laos is really limited. Therefore, the incommodiousness of entree ability in Laos will impact the cordial reception concern of Syuen Corporation. Furthermore, Laos is confronting the obstructions of set uping Internet connectivity due to the deficiency of accomplishments and resources. The Internet connectivity in Laos is a slow procedure which indicated by the low degrees of Personal computer incursion and hapless telecommunications web ( Thongvilu and Houphanh, 1996 ) . Although major towns are connected in Laos, puting a call between towns is frequently hard. Such incommodiousness and deficie ncy of substructure might impact the public presentation of Syuen Corporation concern in Laos particularly hotel concern of Syuen. As the Internet connectivity service is low, the managerial section of Syuen Corporation at Laos will be affected and diminish the efficiency of the employees. In add-on, clients might hold bad experience with the WiFi service provided by the Syuen Corporation hotels in Laos. Education degree and wellness service low The instruction degree at Laos is non every bit high as other developed states, the standard quality of the post-secondary school non high so they lack of professionalism and skill labour. This will impact employees public presentation of Syuen Corporation. Besides, the medical services at Laos really limited and low criterion, doing the happening of morbidity is high and this will led to the reluctant of tourers come to Lao. Harmonizing to Prof. Dr. Somboune Phomtavong, Prof. Dr. Kongsap Akkhavong and Dr. Somchanh Xaisida ( 2005 ) the deficiency of clean H2O, hapless sanitation, unequal nutrition and limited entree wellness services are worsening factors, which influence morbidity, peculiarly in rural countries. Furthermore, low quality local wise mans, pedagogues and trainers in public wellness direction plans. Furthermore, the geting scientific discipline and engineering accomplishments are restricted due to the low degree of the basic instruction and foreign linguistic communica tion cognition. Other than that, Lao Government requires that a company may hold up to 10 % of its employees as aliens if those aliens are unskilled, or up to 20 % if they are skilled. In all instances, they must acquire blessing from authorities in their employment. The company must obtain permission from authorities in order to increase the per centum of foreign workers it employs (, 2012 ) . Recommendations Send for preparation and implement preparation plans One of the defects that operating concern in Laos is the instruction degree of this state is low. Most of the Laos people are non adept and knowing. They are lack of cognition to manage the extremely skill undertakings. So Syuen Corporation can direct the unskilled workers and workers who lack of experience to the Syuen Corporation hotel in Laos ( Vientiane Hotel and Nam Ngum Resort ) in order to larn how to execute all the undertakings. For illustration, larn how to clean the invitee suites, how to pass on decently with invitees, how to cover with the reserve and 1 on 1 concern phone calls. After the Laos workers learnt how to execute the undertakings, they can better their public presentation. Besides that, the company besides can supply some preparation plans for those unskilled Laos workers. One of the illustrations can be English Language preparation plan. The Syuen Corporation can offer English linguistic communication developing plan to do certain that all the workers can unde rstand and talking the English linguistic communication fluently. This plan is of import for the workers because most of the hotel income addition is from the foreign tourers. So it is of import for the workers to understand and talk English linguistic communication fluently due to English linguistic communication is the International Language. After their English accomplishments improved, their public presentation besides can be improved. The workers can improved in ability to react to inquiries or petitions and offer aid in English or ability to take part in 1-on-1 concern phone calls in English. Once the employees public presentation was improved, the client satisfaction will follow to better. And it will impact the company repute and net incomes. Finally it can keep and beef up the company competitory advantages. There has a successful instance that an organisation can better its public presentation by implemented the English linguistic communication developing plan. The organisation is Hilton International Incorporate. With a mostly English-speaking client base that demands the highest degree of quality and service, Hilton needed a planetary scheme for constructing the concern English communicating accomplishments of its employees to assist present on its trade name promise. After careful rating, Hilton implemented the GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Servicea„? ( presently known as GlobalEnglish Edgea„? ) on a world-wide footing and has realized important productiveness and public presentation betterments ( GlobalEnglish, 2011 ) . Furthermore, there besides a successful instance that the company sends the employee for preparation can better the employee public presentation. SCA Company let the worker to go to a 2 hebdomad preparation plan at one of SCA s European offices in Goth enburg, Sweden. The plan was filled up with meetings and installation Tourss with squads from merchandise classs, R A ; D, sourcing and provider development. The employee said that she was able to rapidly larn about SCA s concerns, merchandises and markets around the universe, and aline itself with the planetary platforms and patterns within a short clip ( Vivian B. , 2009 ) . Joint venture with Airline Company By holding a hotel in an developing state with short of resources and substructure, it makes tourers holding troubles in turn uping the hotel itself, every bit mentioned before, there are merely five air hoses that serve the Wattay Airport, happening the manner to the hotel from the airdrome itself can be slippery and inconvenient to most of the foreign tourers, non to state researching the metropolis without any aid and counsel from a trusted beginning can be worrying. By holding above job, Syuen is suggested to see an agreement of joint venture with one of the air hoses in order to fulfill client more by supplying a bundle of services to them, starts from the air hoses, allow clients to wing to Laos, and picking up invitees from the airdromes and into the hotel and return, it can be a joint ventures of the hotel itself or develop a whole new set or bundle of services and offer it to the tourers, supplying all transit and circuit guiding services which they able to bask one time the y disembark from their planes and arrive Laos. With the aid from the air hoses spouse, this action able to foster satisfy more visitants, guaranting they have a safer journey within the period they spent in Laos, allowing them to hold a more convenient and comfy journey. On the other manus, by holding this set of services, it able to convert and pull more possible clients, by introduce the services to them, as sing an undeveloped state is ever perceived as insecure and hazardous by most of the aliens, a safe and comfy journey is ever the chief concern in traveling. The scenario of a joint venture understanding between an air hose and a hotel can be seen in the Shanghai International Airport Hotel, as it is a joint venture endeavor by Chinese Eastern Air, which they provides a free bird coach to and from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the Shanghai International Airport hotel mentioned. While in the hotel anteroom and all the guestrooms, the flight activity will be show through a proctor for every invitee to maintain path of their flight information. And the Shanghai International Airport hotel besides provides air ticket engagement services and multiple location flight check-in services in the anteroom ( Sinohotel, n.d. ) . However, it is still suggested that Syuen Hotel should offer more services in footings of transit, guiding, compared to Shanghai International Airport Hotel, and put clients safety at the first topographic point as the hotel is located in Laos which normally perceived as undeveloped and insecure by the foreigners, to guarantee all the invitees have a pleasant journey, and procuring Syuen s competitory advantages. While the labour cost in Laos is comparatively low as mentioned earlier, Syuen is expected to be able to carry on this program with easiness while basking low cost advantage. Enhance Relationship with Laos Government From antecedently discussed, Syuen Corporation s sawmills concern had been affected due to the quota logging set by the Laos Government. In order to cover with this menace, it is important for Syuen Corporation s to keep a good or positive relationship with the Laos Government senior functionaries such as forces from Kong kouat ka Sapha-nyakone Pa Mai every bit known as Forest Inspection Department ( FID ) in order to hold more quotas on logging the forests and recommend the senior functionaries to strike the illegal logging activities inside the state. However, it is hard for Syuen Corporation s to make so because Laos Government senior functionaries do non ever swear on the logging companies due to the hazard of losing of import administrative places for unsuitably to logging operations as has happened to some senior authorities functionaries in the past. Therefore, Syuen Corporation s can near senior functionaries together with the other sure authorities functionaries, 1 s who can move as surety or give confidence that nil improper will happen in order to derive confident and trust from the Laos Government senior functionaries. Furthermore, Syuen Corporation s can offer profit sharing based on the frequenter client relation to the Laos Government may in term of pecuniary or others to demo the earnestnesss and truenesss of the company toward the Laos Government. Search for logging quota option Besides of normal logging quota, Syuen Corporation s can seek for particular logging quotas that offer by the Laos Government as option. One of the illustrations of the particular logging quotas can be use by the Syuen Corporation s is deadwood logging quotas ( quota mai leep lunar excursion module ) which allow Syuen Corporation s to roll up trees which are already dead such as standing dead tree ( Deadwood ) from wherever country they can be found in wood without limitation ( Baird, 2010 ) . This will let Syuen Corporation s have more forests and stuff to back up the company sawmill s concern besides of normal logging quota. In twelvemonth 2007, a logging quota of deadwood was issued by the Champasak Province in southwesterly Laos to Development of Agriculture and Forestry Industries Company ( DAFI ) for the rosewood and the quota did non stipulate the measure to be cut and the logging site ( Baird, 2010 ) . Decision A few old ages back, Syuen Corporation chief concern is in Malaysia hotel industry, as they continue to turn, their venture into Laos have gained them market portion in 2 different states. Their first mover advantages in Laos are still steadfast, as the state remain a difficult topographic point to travel for new venture. Furthermore, their investing in Laos including the tea plantation and sawmill concern synergized good with their chief concern. However there remain some defects in Laos, such as the authorities wood policy which limit the growing of sawmill concern of Syuen Corporation, and besides low substructure degree, instruction degree and medical service. Therefore, we have come out with 4 recommendations to counter the defect and better the company competitory advantages. We recommended workers to be Send for preparation and implement preparation plans, joint venture with Airline Company, enhance relationship with Laos s authorities, and in conclusion hunt for logging quota alternate. As the option are proven to be practical, as they are either applied by other company or support by diary articles, we hope that the recommendation will be implemented and assist the company.

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Myths About Domestic Violence

Myths About Domestic Violence Lawanna Lynn Campbell endured a marriage full of domestic violence, infidelity, crack cocaine addiction, and alcohol abuse. When she was told to keep silent about being abused by her husband, she took matters into her own hands. After 23 years, she eventually escaped and made a new life for herself. Below, Campbell discusses the myths surrounding domestic abuse and their impact as she struggled to break free from a life of pain, shame, and guilt. MYTH Boyfriends and girlfriends sometimes push each other around when they get angry, but it rarely results in anyone getting seriously hurt. When I was 17, my boyfriend went for my throat and choked me in a fit of jealous rage upon learning that I had dated others before we became exclusive. I thought this was an involuntary reflex he could not control. I believed that his outburst showed just how much he really loved me and wanted me for himself. I quickly forgave him after he apologized, and in some morbid way, felt flattered to be loved so much. I later found out that he was very much in control of his actions. He knew exactly what he was doing. People who abuse often use a series of tactics besides violence including threats, intimidation, psychological abuse and isolation to control their partners. And if it happened once it would happen again. And sure enough, that incident was only the beginning of more acts of violence that led to serious injuries throughout our years together. FACT As many as one-third of all high school and college-age young people experience violence in an intimate or dating relationship. Physical abuse  is as common among high school and college-age couples as married couples. Domestic violence is the number one cause of injury to women between the ages of 15-44 in the U.S. – more than car accidents, muggings and rapes combined. And, of the women murdered each year in the U.S., 30% are killed by their current or former husband or boyfriend. MYTH Most people will end a relationship if their boyfriend or girlfriend hits them. After that first incident of abuse, I believed that my boyfriend was truly sorry and that he wouldn’t ever hit me again. I rationalized that it was only this one time. After all, couples often have arguments and fights that are forgiven and forgotten. My parents fought all the time, and I believed that behavior was normal and unavoidable in marriage. My boyfriend would buy me things, take me out, and show me attention and affection in an effort to prove his sincerity, and he promised that he would never hit me again. This is called â€Å"the honeymoon† phase. I believed the lie and within months I married him. FACT Nearly 80% of girls who have been physically abused in their intimate relationships continue to date their abuser after the onset of violence. MYTH If a person is really being abused, it’s easy to just leave. It was extremely complicated and difficult for me to leave my abuser, and there were several factors that delayed and hindered my decision to get away from him. I had a strong religious background and believed it was my obligation to forgive him and to submit to his authority as my husband. This belief kept me living in an abusive marriage. I also believed that even though we weren’t fighting all the time, it really wasn’t that bad. He owned a business, and at one point, was the pastor of a church. We were prosperous, had a beautiful home, drove nice cars, and I enjoyed the status of being the perfect middle-class family. And so, for the sake of money and status, I stayed. Another reason why I stayed was for the sake of the children. I didn’t want my children to be psychologically damaged coming from a broken home. I had been psychologically and emotionally abused for so long that I developed low self-esteem and had a low self-image. He consistently reminded me that no one else would ever love me like he did and that I should’ve been glad that he married me in the first place. He would belittle my physical characteristics and remind me of my shortcomings and faults. I often went along with whatever my husband wanted to do just to avoid a fight and to avoid being left alone. I had my own guilt issues and believed that I was being punished and deserved the misfortune that happened to me. I believed that I could not survive without my husband and was afraid of being homeless and destitute. And even after I left the marriage, I was stalked and almost killed by him. This type of psychological abuse is often ignored by the victims of domestic violence. Since there are no visible scars we think we’re okay, but in fact, the psychological and emotional torments are the ones that have the most lasting impact on our lives even long after the abuser is out of our lives. FACT There are many complicated reasons why it’s difficult for a person to leave an abusive partner. One common reason is fear. Women who leave abusers are at a 75% greater chance of being killed by the abuser than those who stay. Most people who are abused often blame themselves for causing the violence. No one is ever to blame for another person’s violence. Violence is always a choice, and the responsibility is 100% with the person who is violent. It is my desire that we become educated about the warning signs of domestic abuse and encourage women to break the cycle of abuse by breaking the silence. Sources: Barnett, Martinex, Keyson, â€Å"The relationship between violence, social support, and self-blame in battered women,† Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 1996.Jezel, Molidor, and Wright and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, ​Teen Dating Violence Resources Manual, NCADV, Denver, CO, 1996.Levy, B., Dating Violence: Young Women in Danger, The Seal Press, Seattle, WA, 1990. Straus, M.A., Gelles R.J. Steinmetz, S., Behind Closed Doors, Anchor Books, NY, 1980.U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime Victimization Survey, 1995. Uniform Crime Reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1991.Violence Against Women: Estimates from the Redesigned Survey, U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, August 1995.

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Cementing Intercultural Communication Gaps For Smoother Roads to Research Paper

Cementing Intercultural Communication Gaps For Smoother Roads to Harmony - Research Paper Example Human beings communicate their thoughts and feelings to one another in verbal and non-verbal ways. Verbal communication, or speaking out to another person is often accompanied by non-verbal language which includes facial expressions, gestures, posture, body language and tone of voice. Sometimes, such non-verbal expressions say more than the verbalizations of a person. The way one communicates and receives information matters much in the quality of relationships he or she has with others. Effective communication takes practice and hard work especially for those who are not skilled in interpersonal relations. Several factors need to be considered when communicating: age, gender, relationship to the person, nature of the communication exchange, temperament and personality and even culture. The adage â€Å"Actions speak louder than words† rings true in a variety of situations. In the workplace, people manifest explicit verbal communication and implicit, non-verbal communication (L ee, 2008). Explicit verbal communication takes the form of direct reprimands or written memos to delinquent workers. Implicit, non-verbal communication is more action-oriented. An example is a boss deliberately showing a delinquent worker that he is taking over the tasks formerly assigned to the worker. The boss may not say anything, but the message comes across very clear to the worker that his inefficiency is noted by the boss. In times of conflict, the impact of implicit, nonverbal communication and explicit, verbal communication (that is, the written norm) is never equal. The more visible and stark the image, the more effective the message is delivered and received. Verbal and nonverbal interactions play a part in the effective exchange of ideas. LeFebvre (2008) advises that when speaking, one must also be aware of body language and tone and inflection of voice. She notes that different ideas may be conveyed by simply emphasizing or speaking louder the different parts of the sta tement. Being an active listener helps one understand the message being relayed to him. As the listener, one should hold his response until the speaker is done, and keenly observe nonverbal cues expressed. It must always be remembered that communication is a give and take process. One must learn to wait his turn to be the speaker and the listener. The Role of Culture in Communication Hofstede (1994), a well-known scholar of culture and its effect on people, defined culture as â€Å"the collective programming of the mind which distinguished the members of one human group from another†¦ Culture, in this sense, includes systems of values; and values are among the building blocks of culture† (Hofstede, 1994, p.54 ). This definition shows how much culture has an influence on people, often dictating how they would relate and communicate to others. Consideration of others’ cultural background entails adjustments to accommodate the needs of others and the exertion of effo rt to understand what they want to communicate. On the contrary, disregarding the other’s culture and instead, promoting one’s own, whether it agrees with the other or not can be a source of major conflicts. Even within a specific country, there exist sub-cultures. An example is the Asian culture. Some values are associated as â€Å"typically Asian†, such as honor and integrity. Within Asian countries, some communicative interpretations differ. To illustrate, in one country, being able to look straight into the eye of another person when speaking, means that the person is sincere while in another country it denotes defiance